Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Why Can't You Relax?!

One of the reasons I particularly love documenting the creative process on film sets is because there are always a bunch of people, each with a specific role, roaming around doing the best work possible to make a creative project come to life.  Film sets are the places where you get to see the unexpected, the original, the strange, the inimitable, the odd and everything else in between all at the same time (a bit like Life, come to think of it!). 

Last November, I got to photograph the beautiful and the musical on the film set of the Can't You Relax videoclip. The entire crew made up of one singer (Ruth Damas), 2 co-directors, a DP (director of photography),  2 lighting/technical assistants, 2 makeup artists, 1 hairdresser, 1 film set photographer and 4 dancers, came in at 8 am on a Saturday morning and left 10 hours later after a very long day of filming.

Before the day of the shoot, months of preparation went into pre-production which usually involve finding the location, the equipment, the crew members, planning the budget, the shots, etc.  And once the filming is done, everything goes into post-production where long hours are being spent editing the film, mixing the sound, adding special effects,  etc. And then when all is done you have 4 minute video ready to be show to the world!

Are you exhausted yet by the thought of how much work went into a 4 minute video?  Now can you imagine the work that goes into making a full feature film?

Relax! Just check out the video and more photos of the filming here.